General questions

Why stay in Khan Ein Karem or The Nest and not a standard hotel?

Our Vacation house and Boutique Hotel in Ein Karem were once our family homes – the places where we grew up. When we adapted them to tourist hospitality, we placed great emphasis on preserving the homey and personal atmosphere in their planning and design.
For us, you are not customers staying in rooms for one night, but our guests, in every sense of the word.
We strive to give you a unique and personal Jerusalem hospitality experience, which will be engraved in your memory and inspire you.

What are the differences between the Nest - our holiday home and Khan Ein Karem, our boutique Hotel?

The Nest - our vacation Home, which has been operating as a private guest house since 2014, has a private entrance and is surrounded entirely by a lovely garden for the use of its guests only. It is rented as one private home, regardless of the number of guests who rent it. The Nest has a kitchen and dining area in the house and garden, so you can cook and eat in it. The Nest is animal friendly. It can accommodate up to 6 guests.
Khan Ein Karem opened in February 2021 and has two double rooms and two spacious suites. It features a lovely restaurant serving only the guests of the Hotel, a public balcony facing a spectacular view of Ein Karem and the Jerusalem Mountains and public areas for the use of its guests.
Its rooms are equipped with minibar fridges, Espresso machines, coffee and tea stands, but cannot be cooked in.

Do we need a car during our stay?

Ein Karem is a neighborhood in West Jerusalem and as such receives public transportation services: Line 28 leads from Ein Karem to Mount Herzl, to the light rail station, which reaches the Central Bus Station, Mahane Yehuda Market, the city center, the Old City and many other areas of Jerusalem. However. It is recommended to come with a private car for a vacation in order to preserve the freedom to travel around the city and beyond.

Does the Khan and The Nest keep Shabbat and Kosher?

Khan Ein Karem is a Shabbat observant boutique hotel and the restaurant that serves the guests of the house is dairy and kosher, without a kosher certificate.
The Nest Vacation Home, is an independent holiday home and therefore its fully equipped kitchen is not kosher. If you are interested in doing a Shabbat, we will be happy to equip you with an electric samovar and a Shabbat hot platter for your use.

Is there WIFI in the Khan and the Nest?

During your stay in the Khan and the Nest, we will be happy to provide you with free WIFI services.

Are there TVs in the Khan and the Nest rooms?

Absolutely. All our rooms are equipped with smart TVs.

Do you accept animals at the Khan and the Nest?

In the Khan, we do not accept animals.
The Nest is an animal-friendly holiday home - we will be happy to host your pets. We ask that you do not leave them alone at home or in the yard when you leave, that they will not be allowed to get on the furniture in the house and, of course, take responsibility for any damage caused to the house due to their stay there.

Are other services offered at the Khan and the Nest, such as massage treatments, etc.?

During your stay we are happy to offer you a variety of services for your enjoyment: a rich, vegetarian or vegan breakfast, a massage for one or for a couple, a bottle of wine from our wine collection, sweets waiting for you at home upon your arrival, or a fascinating tour of the magical alleys of Ein Karem.
For more information, please click here.

If it is possible to invite guests to stay during my vacation at the Nest or the Khan?

We understand that sometimes the need and desire arises to host friends and/or family during your vacation. We would be happy to allow it as much as possible. We will appreciate it if you update us of your intentions so that we can preserve the atmosphere we are trying to maintain in our guest home.
We will also be happy to host your guests for a shared breakfast during your vacation.
Breakfast for guests in the Khan's restaurant is 120 NIS per person.

How should I contact you?

As a rule, we prefer that you contact us through online communication.
Khan Ein Karem:
khaneinkarem [at] gmail [dot] com

The Nest - Holiday Home:
thenesteinkarem [at] gmail [dot] com

We can also be reached on WhatsApp: (Text only)

In case this is urgent or in emergencies we can be reached by telephone:

Questions about bookings

How can I make reservations for the Khan and the Nest?

We recommend that you make reservations through our website,
On the site you will find our updated availability log and the best prices, saving the brokerage fees charged on various online sites. If you wish to make a reservation by phone, you can call one of our reservation lines: +972-50-4593125, or +972-52-6817788.

When do we pay for the hospitality?

Upon making a booking on our website,, you will be asked to enter your credit card information.
We accept payment by credit cards (except Diners and American Express).
An advance of the total price of the booking will be collected by the Khan during the 7 days prior to your arrival.
Non Refundable bookings will be charged immediately upon booking confirmation.
In case of refunds for any reason, the payment will be refunded minus the clearing costs as required under our cancellation policy.

Can I reserve the whole house for a family or other event?

Absolutely, all Khan rooms can be booked and, if necessary, the Nest, as our holiday home located right next to the Khan (a 15 meter walk). .
If you are celebrating a family, social or business event, we will be happy to plan the event together with you and combine cultural activity, a guided tour of the village, a private performance or other artistic activity and, of course, creating a dedicated menu for your event that includes lunch and dinner in the hotel's dining room, or on our public terrace overlooking a spectacular view of Ein Karem and the Jerusalem Hills.

For details on renting the Khan and/or Khan and The Nest- Holiday Home, please contact Roy: +972-52-6817788

What is your cancellation policy in the Khan and in the Nest Vacation home?

In general, in case a booking is cancelled after the last of free cancellation, we do try to re-sell the room you booked. In case we do- we will not charge you for the cancellation.

Cancellation 7 days or more (*) prior to arrival – no cancellation fee.
Cancellation 7 days or less(*) prior to arrival - 100% of your total booking will be collected by the Khan/Nest.
* = until 14:00 (local time)

In case of Booking more then 3 rooms in Khan Ein Karem:
Cancellation 21 days or more (*) prior to arrival – no cancellation fee.
Cancellation 21 days or less(*) prior to arrival - 100% of your total booking will be collected by the Khan/Nest.
* = until 14:00 (local time)

Cancellations will only be accepted after receiving written notice from the guest.
To cancel a reservation in Khan Ein Karem, please contact: khaneinkarem [at] gmail [dot] com
To cancel a reservation at the Nest-Holiday Home, please contact: thenesteinkarem [at] gmail [dot] com

No refunds will be given in cases of non-arrival, non-redemption of vouchers, flight cancellations, delays, early departure or due to an error occurring during the booking process. We reserve the right to change or replace all or some of our services when required or recommended. In this case, we agree to provide the best alternative that exists.

In the event of general government guidelines/ Ministry of Health guidelines, which prevent access to a vacation in Ein Karem and/or Jerusalem, no charge will be made by the Khan. In case of quarantine less than 7 days prior to arrival, the Khan will be charged full payment. If proof of quarantine is presented to Khan, guests will be allowed free of charge, based on availability, on an alternative date (not including holidays, holidays and weekends).

Is there a minimum stay in Khan or The Nest?

Usually not, you can get a few days off that you decide.
Rarely, during holidays/holidays/summer seasons, and due to various constraints arising from being a Shabbat and holiday observer, there may be dates when a minimum stay of 2/3 days will be required.

Do you accept children at the Khan and the Nest?

Of course.
There are specific rooms, such as the Roof room in Khan, designed for couples only, but as a rule, we are always happy to host children.
The price per child in the rooms is 150 NIS per night, including breakfast.
Children under the age of 3 at the time of stay are free of charge.
We will be happy to place cribs or playpen for your child at no extra charge - please note this during booking.

Is breakfast included in the price of your holiday at the Khan and the Nest?

Our rich full breakfast (extra charge) will be served to you, guests of Khan Ein Karem and The Nest vacation home, in our lovely Khan dining room, and will include:

Fresh fruit with Sheep yogurt and honey
Special thin sliced Ein Karem salad
Greek salad
Freshly baked Bread and pastries
Cream cheese, smoked salmon, butter, home made gems and olives
Omelettes of your choice
Freshly squeezed OJ
Coffee/ Tea
95 ILS per adult
45 ILS per child under 10 years old

Our Breakfast is dairy and kosher (no kosher certificate).
A vegan or a gluten-free breakfast can be ordered (by prior arrangement).
If you have any special requests regarding breakfast and/or sensitivity to a particular food, please let us know this during booking.

Questions about Check-in / Check-out

What are the hours of Check-in / Check-out from the rooms at the Khan and the Nest?

The hours of Check-in and Check-out in the houses are the same on all days of the week*:
Room reception: 15:00
Leaving the room: 12:00
* Check out on Saturdays in Khan Ein Karem are on Saturday night, and not at noon.
If possible and depending on the availability of rooms and season, the stay can be extended and left to the evening at an additional charge of 450 NIS per room.

Is it possible to request early entry and/or a late departure from the Khan and the Nest?

As a rule, the check in time to the rooms is 15:00 and the check out time is 12:00.
The time between entry and exit is required for us to clean and prepare your rooms in the best possible way.
The rooms in our homes are large and it takes a long time to clean and prepare them for you.
If you still need early entry and/or late departure, indicate this at the time of booking or prior to your arrival and if possible.We will try our best to allow it.
You can also select 'late check out' upon booking at Khan Ein Karem for 150 NIS. (Available on Saturdays only).
A late night departure on a weekday can be requested at an additional charge of 450 NIS per room. If possible, depending on the availability of the room and the season of the year, we will be happy to allow it.